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10 DuckDuck Go Facts Digital Marketers and SEO Pros

Over the past years, duck duck go revamped and redesigned its services so that it can easily meet the requirement of its customers along with ensuring that their privacy is also maintained. Along with the amazing searching services, the duck duck go services also comprises several other amazing features which can help you in enhancing your searching strategy and also significantly reduce the time for conducting the search. 

Numerous people prefer the duck duck go service as it does not track the users, which means that it does not store any information about the users about which website they visit. DDG is secure, fast, as well as it is safe and reliable. Hence, if you want to know more about the duck duck go and how it is beneficial for digital marketers and SEO. Below are 10 facts of duck duck go for digital marketers and SEO pros.

1. Duck duck go to celebrate its 14th anniversary this year

Google has now become synonymous with the duck duck go. But surfing the internet using Google has become somewhat tedious due to the irrelevant advertisement. But things were made simplified with the duck duck go search engine. Even though the duck duck go is not a brand new search engine, it has existed for more than several years and growing at an exceptional rate. This year in 2022, it will turn 14 years.

2. Duck duck go gets 100 million results daily

The duck duck go ranks among the top 10 search engines across the world. It is due to its exceptional digital marketing services and search services. Till now, over 100 million results have been shown on the duck duck go search engine in the year 2021.

3. More than 100 million searches have been made on the duck duck go search engine

In the year 2019, the duck duck go had broken the record of 1 billion searches in a month and in the year 2020, it broke the record of 50 million searches. Due to the streamlined and efficient search capacity of the duck duck go services and effective digital marketing abilities, it surpassed a record of 100 million searches on its platform.

4. A phenomenal bounce rate of 11.43%

Though the number one rank among the search engines is held by Google till now, duck duck go also made its way to becoming the second leading search engine. The bounce rate of Google is 28.46%, whereas the bounce rate of duck duck go 11.43%. 

5. Now duck duck go comprises of 180 employees

In the beginning, the CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg used to run the duck duck go themselves, but now they have 180 employees. It shows a great example of how you can start with small and grow into something big.

6. Duck duck go records average 6 million monthly downloads

As people are becoming aware of their data privacy, they prefer the duck duck go to download. The monthly downloads of duck duck go was an average 6 million for both desktop and mobile users.

7.  3 billion average searches performed on duck duck go

As more people are getting benefits from the duck duck go, now it has an average of 3 billion searches performed monthly.

8. Exceptional rating of 4.5 stars

Ratings signify if a platform is legitimate or not. And with an exception rating of 4.5 stars, duck duck go a preferred choice of the people due to its quick loading times, ease of use etc.

9. CPC on duck duck go cheaper than Google

The reason why numerous SEO professionals and digital marketers use the digital marketing services of the duck duck go platform is that the cost per click on duck duck go less than Google. Hence it significantly lowers the cost of the average conversion rate for digital marketers.

10.  2.42% of the search market in the US is held by Duck duck go

The market share of duck duck go began to grow, and initially, it was 1.25% of the search market in the US. But now, it has grown to 2.42% of the search market in the US.

Thus, the duck duck go, through its phenomenal services, is fast becoming a popular search engine. Its exceptional privacy policy, trust and reliable service and fast loading speed and amazing duck duck go services make it a popular choice among internet users. Not only the internet users prefer to use it but also the digital markers and SEO professionals get immense benefits by using duck duck go.