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Content Marketing Tools You Need To Know About

One of the most vital components effective marketing campaign is good content. With efficient and high-quality content a business can easily establish its ground firmly in the market and reach its audiences in an effective manner. However, content creation is not a piece of cake it requires some hard work. But this hard work can be easily turned into smart work with the help of effective marketing tools. ‘

The content marketing tools not only save you significant time and money but also enhance the quality of your content. Moreover, they also help to streamline your content marketing strategy. Therefore, it becomes imperative to use some content marketing tools for an effective campaign in the digital sphere. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the top content marketing tools you need to know which would help to make your task of content creation more seamless and hassle-free. 

● HubSpot

 Content marketing tools are preferred by content creators as they help in streamlining the content marketing strategies and also make the task seamless and hassle-free. This content marketing tool HubSpot is the most popular tool and preferred by numerous content creators. It is an all-in-one marketing, CRM suite, and sales tool which provides its users with the appropriate tools required for creating actionable content helps the content to reach effectively its target audience and also optimizes the content.

 HubSpot is loaded with numerous amazing features and many of its features are free of cost. Some of the amazing features of HubSpot include the live chat, powerful form builder, popup tools, all-in-one WordPress plugin, etc. The pricing of this content marketing tool starts from $ 45/ monthly which is the starter pack, the professional pack starts at $800/month and the enterprise pack at $3200/month.

● Trello

If you were looking for a free content marketing tool, then Trello is the suitable choice for you. It is one of the most effective marketing tools which is available free of cost. Trello makes the task of collaboration and planning more fun and interesting. It uses cards to represent objects and boards to represent projects. With this content marketing tool, you can efficiently organize as well as keep a track of all the tasks and projects you are handling in one place. 

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Trello also supports integration with numerous other applications which are used for the content marketing process. Though it is available free of cost, there are three paid packs available with some premium features. The pricing for the standard pack starts from $5/month, the premium pack at $10/month, and the enterprise at $17.50/month.

● Yoast

If you are into writing SEO-focused content, then Yoast is the most suitable content marketing tool for you. It is basically a WordPress plugin for SEO that can efficiently make your task like optimizing content for a keyword, editing and previewing meta descriptions, suggesting relevant internal links, etc more seamless. Yoast comprises coloured indications which enable you to know whether you have optimized the page correctly or not. The pricing for Yoast is $89 and it is charged yearly.

Hence, above we have mentioned some of the best content marketing tools. Content marketing tools surely make your task of content creation and content optimization easier. Apart, from the above-mentioned tools, there are loads of other content marketing tools that are also efficient. You can prefer to use any content marketing tool as per your requirement and thereby, make the best content for your campaign.